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McCall Evans

Former Leasee

​"When I rented my first property from Michelle Gierhart, I was in my early 20s and had no idea what to do. They took care of me every step of the way."

No car, no gas, no problem! Every location is JUST a block away from Ball State's campus! This makes it very convenient for anyone!


Exclusive Inventory


Prices to fit all budgets! All properties are UNDER $500 per person! Can't beat that!


Our Mission is Simple:
To feel at home!

Going to college is stressful enough. We want to give you a place you can call home without driving back to mom and dad.

Our Mission

Why Use Us

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"Michelle was an amazing landlord. She helped me anytime I needed help. If something went wrong, she would send Phil out to fix the issue ASAP! Definitely a great experience for my first apartment! Living room and bedroom was very spacious for a 1 bedroom and the rent was perfect. Michelle was like a mom away from my mom, very caring."

Ali Smith

Former Leasee

​"Michelle is super nice and understanding. They really want you to have the best living situation while in school."

Casey Hernly

Former Leasee

Our Staff

We offer a wide range of different bedroom sizes anywhere from Studio to 6 bedroom apartments!

Bedroom Variety

We've been in the business for over 20 years. We have established enough apartment buildings for you to have multiple options to choose from.

Dakayla G.

Former Leasee

​"Lauren and Michelle are the best landlords I've had. They're so nice and helpful."

"My apartment was in a unique building in a great location. I was just south of campus and a five minute walk away from the Village, in addition to being a short walk from the White River trail and downtown. I lived in these affordable apartments for two years while I was a student, and I thoroughly enjoyed the space."

Jared L.

Former Leasee